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The programs offered at the Batt School and the expectations of students and faculty are unique. The school uses a one-on-one approach that allows students to work at a pace that is tailored to their learning ability. In this environment, the instructor is able to constantly assess the student’s retention of the material being taught through oral examinations and written assessments. If there are any problems in comprehension, the instructor can change how the content is delivered based on the student’s needs.

This style of instruction also allows students to take courses that may not be offered at traditional schools. Some of the other assets of the school include customized curricula, individual scheduling, and a high level of parental involvement. The school is able to provide instruction in virtually any subject at the level required by the individual student. Most of the school’s faculty holds a master’s degree or PhD. This allows the school to teach a wide range of courses in the most rigorous manner possible for the student. Scheduling is designed to accommodate the student on a case-by-case basis allowing them to pursue other educational opportunities or extracurricular activities. The level of parental involvement is considerable. Parent contact is maintained throughout enrollment on a weekly, sometimes daily basis through phone conferences, meetings with the director, and internet accessible session notes.

It’s no secret that low teacher-student ratios spell success for the student. Our teachers are passionate and experienced educators who hold sacred the intellectual bond they create with each child.

With a Batt School education, you can expect the best in academics and enrichment. By placing our students at the center of our education model, they are sure to find the areas they are passionate about. We pride ourselves on preparing our students to become international leaders and compassionate global citizens. Our students go on to study at a range of highly selective colleges and Ivy-league universities.

Our primary focus during these early years of your child’s development is to honor his/her academic potential by providing opportunities to teach your child the fundamentals of reading and mathematics while encouraging their independence, self-determination, and confidence. We know, above else, that play is the best way for your child to achieve these goals and we are committed to provided a safe and nurturing environment for them during this time of great learning.

The School

We provide a warm and inviting environment, where students can become comfortable in the highly ritualized day in order to feel confident experimenting with new concepts.

Our program emphasizes developing the intrinsic motivation of our youngest students to build inquisitive and highly engaged learners. Our highly curated play centers are filled with stimulating activities that are integrated with our curriculum units. These activities are rotated as our curriculum changes.

We focus on the following themes over the course of their preschool years:

Practical: Our goal is to teach your child about themselves by developing awareness for their self care as well as for their environment.The children are encouraged to play an active role in the ordering and upkeep of the classroom in order to develop good habits of cooperation and organization. We also provide ample opportunities for physical movement to encourage coordination and gross motor development. By implementing a standard of personal responsibility, we are setting our children up for independence, discipline, and success later in our school’s program.

Social: As our youngest students are just learning the social and behavioral expectations we will uphold, it is imperative that they feel secure in themselves and their abilities because this personal agency will translate well into increased social cooperation. Our mission at the Batt School is to create a loving and nurturing environment where each child feels accepted and supported, so that our students will extend the same warm and compassionate interactions to others. This builds the bedrock of creating inspiring and effective leaders later in life, because to lead is to relate, and then to inspire.

Emotional: At the Batt School, we focus on the comprehensive development of the whole student. Learning to express emotions, develop empathy, and show compassion for ourselves and others are the main tenants of the emotional foundation of each child. Our teachers are highly trained in differential attention techniques, and your child’s emotional wellness is paramount to our teaching philosophy.

Language: This is a time of incredible communication development. Through a number of multi-sensory activities, we immerse your child in an environment that encourages early literacy development. The students will be introduced to letters and phonemes in playful, interactive lessons. In a loving and nurturing environment, students develop into emergent readers by becoming comfortable with the mechanics of the English language through rhyming, story telling and songs.

Mathematical Concepts: As we prepare your students to be lifelong academic thinkers and learners, we introduce the foundations to mathematical concepts they will use for the rest of their schooling. This is done in a fun and interactive way. We focus less on rote memorization and more on kinetic forms of learning the material.

Global focus: We introduce local themes of ecology, geology, and people’s history. The children will be given activities that inspire them to think about the environment and world around them. We will also profile and celebrate the lives of important thinkers and doers in our society.

Spanish: At the Batt School, we incorporate the most innovative and high-quality research on education. That is why we know the importance of introducing second languages early. The effects of bilingualism on the elasticity of the brain and high academic potential are well-proven, and having the ability to communicate in a second language is paramount in our society and part of our mission to develop globally-minded citizens.

The Arts: As our core mission is to develop independent and curious lifelong learners who are kind and globally-minded leaders, we believe an education steeped in the arts best supports this goal. We encourage all of our students to develop the focus and reflection developed within artistic enrichment.

Language Arts

Our language arts core curriculum focuses on building our student’s confidence and skills in the multifaceted realm of communication.  As great communication is key to any successful business or academic endeavor, we engage our students in a variety of writing experiences that demonstrate creativity, lucidity, and persuasiveness. Our goal is to inform our students with a wide variety of primary texts, to help them understand the historical context of a piece of writing, and most importantly, to develop a lifelong love of reading and appreciate it as an expression of the diversity of human experience.


We find that it is essential for our students to highly value mathematics and its use in related disciplines. We strive to help them build confidence in their abilities to approach mathematical situations; and to think, reason, and communicate mathematical ideas orally and in writing.

We assess our students in the acquisition of these abilities by giving them a number of opportunities to demonstrate their computational proficiencies as well as effectively use their mathematical reasoning skills in a cooperative setting.  We also teach our students the history of the development of mathematics as a field of study and the profound role it has played in society over time


At the core of an exceptional science education is the motivation and passion to pursue one’s scientific curiosity. We expose our students to the basic concepts and principles of the laws of the universe, the scientific method; and we study the roles played by diverse investigators and theorists overtime. After attaining this fundamental knowledge, we encourage our students to experiment and to understand the growth of scientific ideas and inventions, as well as how the interplay between evidence and theory has evolved over time.

Social Studies/History

By imparting the history of people around the world to our students, our primary goal is to help develop a perspective of the world that is founded in a deep respect for the rights and dignity of all peoples. We believe that an education founded in the understanding of one’s identity and role in a democratic society within our global community is necessary to do this. We cover the core practicum of social sciences including geography, history, government and economics. We take special care to provide opportunities for inquiry-based learning, so that our students learn how to research, analyze, synthesize and present information that is imperative to stay current in today’s world.  An outline of important examples of group decision-making, conflict resolution, and cooperative efforts to promote the common good is at the heart of our social studies curriculum.

Second Language -Spanish, French, Russian, German, ASL Sign Language

At the Batt School, we feel that bilingualism is an important and enriching skill to possess. In our increasing globalized world, being able to communicate in multiple languages open doors and increases the brain’s elasticity. We offer language instruction that covers the foundation of grammatical structures, basic speech, and early literature of the second language, as well as the importance and legacy of the particular culture and language on the United States and the world.

Computer Technology

We offer computer enrichment is integrated into our academic instruction, and as a stand alone course. As our students’ achieve competence and independence on the computer, we then teach them the ins and outs of research and presentation technology.  Furthermore,  we teach students to understand the role and impact of computer technology upon our global society. We feel that our technical age requires that students accept the responsibility that living in our time demands life-long learning and a high level of computer aptitude.  We also offer a number of enriching computer courses as well, including: Robotics, Coding and Graphic Design.


Our students produce art rhough a variety of skilled creative processes. Our students have been awarded for their orginial artworks, and we encourage them to have an awareness and appreciation for aesthetics, and the value of artisitic expression. We offer a number of art programs including: Painting, Sketching, Sculpting, Graphic Design, Architecture Design, film and claymation.

Physical Education

We encourage our students to practice a healthy lifestyle and physical activity is a daily part of our schedule. The students also may decide what type of physical fitness they would prefer to focus on individually. We offer a breadth of exercise programs including:  Yoga, Nutrition and Exercise, Martial Arts, Ballet, Dance, Baseball and Basketball.


At The Batt School, we see music education as a beautiful addition to one’s life and personal growth. Our students are given instruction in the mechanics, theory, discipline and joy of music. We offer private lessons in piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

The Batt School offers a variety of special education services.

Members of our faculty are certified ESE teachers. They provide instruction for SLD and other special-needs students in both remedial and enrichment areas. Tutoring is also available for students who require homebound instruction or who are homeschooled.

The Batt School acknowledges that students experience extreme variability in their development. Our educational planning and expectations reflect an in-depth understanding of asynchronous development. Techniques we use:

– Intellectual challenge commensurate with students instructional level

– Reduced emphasis on written production until developmentally ready

– Extensive use of technology to compensate for motor delays

– Social skills focus in classrooms and advising

– Scaffolding used to start where students are and bridge to the next levels

Speech & Language Therapy

We offer a complete array of speech, language, and communication services for children, adolescents, and adults. Private therapy is administered by licensed speech and language pathologists:

– Language: aphasia, auditory processing, childhood language disorders

– Speech: articulation,stuttering, dysarthria, accent/dialect reduction

– Cognitive Therapy

– Communication Skills

– Voice: voice quality, laryngectomy

Twice Exceptional

Many highly gifted children have other special needs — learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, sensory integration disorder, etc. This can be very challenging, both in terms of identification (since gifted children can often use the giftedness to partially compensate for the special need, making it both giftedness and special needs harder to discover), and in terms of finding ways to address both the gifted and special needs sides of the child adequately. This online seminar focused on a few topics that are useful for anyone trying to navigate the maze of educating a twice-exceptional child.

Prescriptive Programs

Wilson language (dyslexia)

The best way to achieve literacy success is to identify the individual student’s needs and then implement the correct teaching strategy. We offer several literacy instructional models to meet the needs of distinct student populations: prevention and early intervention for K-3 students, intervention for older students, and intensive intervention. Each model differs in practice, intensity, and duration, but all have been designed to help students master the appropriate level of literacy.

Lindamood-Bell: Learning Processes

The Lindamood-Bell programs help students improve language processing – the foundation of all communication and learning. The intensive, process-based instruction strengthens the sensory-cognitive functions needed for reading and comprehension, and has proven successful with individuals with learning challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD, CAPD, and ASD.


Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. The program combines neuroscience with innovative computer game design and close professional support. It challenges working memory capacity using exercises to target the areas associated with executive function and attention. The difficulty level is adjusted in real time based on user performance to ensure the user is working at the height of their ability. The improvement in working memory capacity generalizes to overall behavior, resulting in enhanced attentiveness, resistance to distraction, self-management, and learning.

Fast ForWord®

The Fast ForWord program is an online reading program designed for K-12 students struggling with reading and auditory processing difficulties. The program develops and strengthens memory, attention, processing rate, and sequencing – the skills essential for reading intervention program success. The strengthening of these skills results in a wide range of improved critical language and reading skills such as phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, working memory, syntax, grammar, and other skills necessary to learn how to become a better reader.

Gifted Enrichment

Our teachers are highly adept at differentiating their instruction to challenge our students on an individual level. Gifted students benefit by The Batt School learning model because we can decide on a student-by-student basis whether to accelerate their learning horizontally, by expanding the breadth of content about a subject that we cover; or vertically, by advancing to a higher-level of the subject’s instruction. This is done to meet your child’s needs across all subjects, so that if your child exceeds in some areas more than others, we meet him/her where they are and develop our instruction to fit their needs.